Best Snow Foam Lance

5 Best Snow Foam Lances (2024 Guide)

You don’t have to be a professional detailer to know how to apply snow foam. Its just a matter of having the right equipment, and a bit of practice.
That’s why we’re covering the best snow foam lances in this article today, and we’ll leave the practice to you.
It takes an approximate 38 gallons to wash a single car, so its understandable how people are switching the pressure washers and snow foams these days. 
Hopefully after scanning our article you will be able to know what lance is right for you and to get your dream car cleaning results with minimal effort.
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Best Snow Foam Lances For Today

1. Autoglym Polar Blaster

Most Trusted

Autoglym best snow foam lance

Autoglym is a brilliant option for those approaching a new car cleaning setup. Comin with a lance that is designed to mate with all pressure washers makes it a fantastic piece of kit. What about the quality though?
Quality of cleaning depends on what kind of snow foam you have sprung for, but the Polar Blasts’ nozzle delivers a clean, wide carpet of foam onto your cars surface.
Considering Autoglym is normally the higher end option, we were glad to see its priced in the middle of the market for around £35. In my personal opinion, I would rate this as the best snow foam lance on this list due to my positive experiences with it.

2. Prokleen Snowpro

Best Budget

Being the cheapest proper lance on the list, good styling and adaptable to most pressure washers may seem 10/10 at a glance, but is it really?
The Snowpro puts out a decent max pressure of 220 bar, and has a full adjustable foam dial to control your desired thickness. The main drawback of this piece of kit is that its only usable on the Karcher ‘K series’ models. Our favourite part of their current deal is the 24 month warranty for any parts or straight up refund if you are unhappy with it.
So if you have a Karcher and want a good, cheap lance for your pressure washer, this is a solid choice.

3. Angelwax Blizzard

Best For Power

Angelwax blizzard best snow foam lance

Coming as a chunky bit of kit, the Angelwax Blizzard offers easy setups prior to cleans with its wide neck and topple-resistant base.
Unlike several on this list though, it offers no markings on the bottle meaning you have to measure you solution ratio elsewhere, and then pour in. This may not seem like a hassle to some, but when combined with the price tag is may seem worth it to go with another option.
The blizzard also requires a good amount of pressure, and a smaller, less powerful pressure washer could struggle to get the full advantages out of it.
That being said, when setup properly the Blizzard feels good, and of high quality when used to spray those foam carpets.

4. BigBoi Snow Foam Cannon

Best All Round

Bigboi best snow foam lance

The BigBoi comes with a variety of spray patterns for you to choose; horizontal, vertical, angled down, cone, and jet. After reviewing all from this list, the BigBoi has one of the best foam delivery and will apply a nice, even thick sheet of foam.
The bottle seems to have much more ergonomic design implemented, too. The base of the bottle and top of the neck are rather wide, meaning its quite easy to hold and move. 
Don’t let the imagery fool you, the adapter for the lance actually depends on what you order. This is both a plus and a drawback simultaneously as it will suit your pressure washer perfectly but is not ideal for travelling, borrowing or other pressure washers you may have.
We find this to be the better option to those who are picky with how foam is applied, and specify different ways to chuck foam on different parts of the car.

5. Demonshine Shampoo W/Lance

Best Alternative

Demonshine shampoo best snow foam lance

Demonshine is normally seen as the hero for those on a tight budget. With this piece of kit, you don’t even need a pressure washer, let alone an attachment lance for one!
So, how does it perform? The internet had a mixed reception when the Demon foam hit the shelves, and from personal experience I can say it does not perform well as a snow foam cleaner.
That being said, if you want to save £150+ and are happy with just spreading foam soap with ease then this is a viable option for you.
With the lack of force from a pressure washer, this just cannot be a fair comparison. It obviously makes up for this downfall with its price though, so again, if you want cheap foam spreaders that do not penetrate grime, but will allow easier soap application then this could be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Snow Foam Lances Worth It?

Considering the risks that can come from manual cleaning, yes. 
When applying car cleaning products by hand, you run a huge risk of scratching dirt and small rocks through your paint, making the infamous ‘swirl marks’.
When using a snow foam lance, you avoid all manual contact and allow the chemicals to do the work for you.

What Is The Best Snow Foam Product?

The best snow foam is completely down to you, the applicator. We wrote a guide on the best snow foams here. Pick a foam that suits you and your car the best, ensuring you think about: Your paint, your desired amount of effort, your desired amount of equipment, and you budget of course.

Should I Put Snow Foam On Dry Or Wet Car?

You should always aim to apply snow foam on a dry day and dry car. When there’s water on your car, the water actually acts as a barrier between the grime and the chemicals, which defeats the point of the cleaning!
Not only that, but the water will also dilute your foam, further making it pointless. Just ensure that you’ve picked one of the best snow foam lances to apply your foam!

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